Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels are the books written for?

The target audience for the Dragonflier Kids book series is gifted learners in grades K-2. However, all students regardless of ability levels could benefit from the themes. K-2 students will enjoy the dialogue in the books, relate to the social and emotional issues tackled in the books, and will engage with the activities in the reading books and task books. Emergent readers or non-gifted readers will need some support with the text. Regardless of reading ability, students will learn from the way the characters confront the social and emotional issues in the books and the advanced content integrated in each book.

What grade levels are the task books appropriate for?

The tasks included in the Student Task Book are designed for advanced learners in grades K-2. The tasks require the ability to make connections, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Some students will need support with some of the tasks, and some might need extensions. Whenever appropriate, I have included strategies to increase the level of challenge required in the tasks.

What other issues are you planning to focus on in the book series?

Future books include situations in which the Dragonflier Kids tackle perfectionism, persistence, resilience, anxiety, fear of failure, and hiding abilities. Let us know if you have other ideas.


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